"We Build Cabinets for Your Lifestyle"

   Welcome to Wood Specialties where our mission is quite simple. Tell us what cabinetry you are interested in and we will guide you all along the way. Once you choose Wood Specialties to build your custom cabinets you can sit back and relax with confidence knowing your project is in the best possible hands. Every time you visit our shop you will see the same faces where we custom build your cabinets. We realize that you will be living with the results of our work for a very long time and we want you to be completely satisfied. Ninety percent of our business comes from our satisfied customers who refer their friends and families to Wood Specialties. 


    Wood Specialties had its humble beginning back in 1975 when Tom Campbell first coined the name and began doing small cabinet jobs. The business really blossomed when Tom and Deb got married in 1979 and Deb became an integral part of the business. Since then Wood Specialties has grown to what it is today. From the beginning to present at Wood Specialties we strive to provide the very best in cabinets and design to the discerning customer.


Deb C.